The ipad as a 3rd screen

by Adam Forrester

With the introduction of the IPad comes new Apps. Some are useful to the photographic industry with the ability to turn your nifty gadget into a second or take full control of your system.

Two of the main contenders are Capture Pilot and Air Display. Both enable you to create a secondary screen with both IPad and IPhone (although I am not quite sure why you would use the iphone as a secondary screen).

Capture pilot is free, Air display costs £5.99 and iTeleport is a wopping £14.99 (probably as it has better functionality)! They all boast the lack of wires, ease of use and create a better workflow.

iTeleport is a more complex App as it allows you to take full control of your computer which can be useful for the more in depth player, but for our industry it is a bit of overkill.

Air display is simply an extended desktop which is much more of a useful tool when on set, avoiding tripping over cables and damaging expensive Eizo screens!

To use these features you need to be on the same Wifi network, however after some research on the internet we have found a way of avoiding the need of wifi (especially useful if your in some field in cornwall).

Find below a series of tips on how to do this:
Capture One Pilot: Air Display and iTeleport:

The obvious downside to these Apps is the speed of connectivity, it may be nice not having wires but if your trying to control a bunch of tasks sluggishness can seem tiresome.

Now lets get down to what Phase have introduced .... Capture Pilot, this can only be run on their new release Capture 6. The good thing about Capture Pilot is it's client orientated, they can 'view, zoom, pan and tag' images as they come in or individually, without affecting the Photographer and Operator. The beauty of Capture Pilot is a number of people with Ipads can access this feature and it's free! iTeleport and Air Display can only run one IPad at a time. But remember the more people accessing it the slower it is.

These Apps are not here to replace your Imac, Tower or Laptop they're here just to extend so don't go overboard with it.

So there we have it a brief introduction to how you can extend yourself with your IPad. Enjoy!